Helen Taylor, BSc(hons) Zoology, ADipCBM
Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB)
Full Member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC)

Registered Practitioner (Clinical Animal Behaviourist) with the Animal Behaviour
and Training Council (ABTC)

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Vet-recommended, qualified and certified animal behaviourist taking referrals for all dog behaviour problems in Dorset, South Somerset, South Wiltshire and West Hampshire

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Helen's Video clips

"Leave it" on a moving object


"Find it" games - searching for and indicating on a hidden object

Other useful video clips (from other sources)
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First, a few clips about recognising signs that dogs are feeling threatened and the 'calming signals' that dogs give out when under stress. Knowing what these mean which, without exception, is "i'm feeling threatened, please back off!" and reacting to these correctly (by backing off!) can prevent dogs from escalating to actual aggression.

The first features a dog approaching another to sniff (politely and correctly), but his approach is not welcomed.

Warnings of aggression towards another dog

This next clip is notorious and features Pedro, the Texas police dog, showing a whole raft of anxiety signals caused by the journalist's proximity and ontact. When they are all ignored, he bites:

Police dog bites reporter after abundant warning signs are missed

This clip shows a variety of dogs showing anxiety and calming signals, interspersed with narrative and clips from Sophia Yin and advice on how to reduce the anxiety the dog is feeling:

Stress Signals: Canine Body Language, Fear Aggression

Finally, and possibly most important of all - this longer clip shows several dogs (most of the collies) showing calming signals, signs of stress, and appeasement behaviours during interactions with children. There are two points on this video (at around 1.50 - 1.55 and around 2.48 to 2.50) where there was a point where I thought the dogs would actualy bite the child that was stroking them. They didn't. But it would not have been a surprise a bite HAD occured.

Calming signals directed at people

Remember the behaviours you have just seen are NOT invitations to interact - they are requests to back off a little - even if they look "friendly"!

Muzzle training:



Miscellaneous clips:

For a whole collection of good videos, mostly about dog training and behavioural modification issues, see Domesticated Manners on You Tube:

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