Helen Taylor, BSc(hons) Zoology, ADipCBM
Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB)
Full Member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC)

Registered Practitioner (Clinical Animal Behaviourist) with the Animal Behaviour
and Training Council (ABTC)

Tel: 07951 985193 Email: enquiries@helentaylordorset.co.uk

Vet-recommended, qualified and certified animal behaviourist taking referrals for all dog behaviour problems in Dorset, South Somerset, South Wiltshire and West Hampshire

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Behaviour problems - how to get help (Please scroll down for forms and downloads)

The behavioural consultation process addresses behavioural issues and problems - things which would not be taught and covered in a normal training class - including any type or form of aggression or inappropriate behaviours towards people or other animals, fears and phobias, such as fear of fireworks and other loud noises, house-training problems in adult dogs, separation problems and stereotypical (obsessive) behaviours. Inevitably the majority of behavioural referrals involve aggression in some way, whether it is directed towards people, other dogs or other animals, and Helen is experienced in all types of behavioural problems in dogs, and is knowledgeable on most breeds. When aggression is involved, it is very unlikely that an owner - even a well-informed one - can resolve the problem without professional help and attempted treatment of behavioural problems by unqualified, unregulated practitioners (who often use outdated, unproven methods) can easily make behavioural problems worse or result in new behavioural problems emerging.

The APBC and ABTC requires that treatment of behavioural problems requires referral from a veterinary surgeon. This is routine procedure, but an essential one to ensure obvious physical causes are ruled out and that the veterinary surgeon is kept informed of all behavioural problems and treatment regimes. Referral can made on paper (via a short referral form which is completed by the vet). However, vets may also refer to me verbally or by email. Don't worry if you have not discussed the problem with your vet, or have not yet obtained a referral - this can easily be arranged after you make contact.

Most consultations take place in your own home (if I cover your area). It is also possible to see clients in "clinic" appointments in Manston, near Sturminster Newton. This can be useful if an emergency appointment is needed, or in cases involving aggression towards unfamiliar dogs or if you live too far away.

As of the 1st November, the process for arranging a consultation has changed slightly. I now require questionnaire and referral to be completed before an appointment is made. This is so that waiting times, especially for urgent appointments, can be reduced substantially, and so that clients have the ability to influence the length of time that they have to wait for an appointment (by returning paperwork promptly). It is hoped that, by January 2015, this will reduce waiting times for an appointment to 1 to 3 weeks, and will also mean that less time is spent chasing paperwork and more time helping dogs and owners.

The process in brief is as follows:

1. If not already done, veterinary referral is obtained. Physical health, injuries and illnesses affect behaviour. Veterinary referral is required by all reputable behaviourists' governing bodies and membership associations so that any obvious physical contributory factors are ruled out, or I am made away of them prior to treatment of the behavioural problem. Referral can be by means of my referral form, letter, email or fax.

2. You will be sent a behavioural history questionnaire to fill in and return, along with your referral.

3. An appointment is then made for the consultation.

3. The behavioural consultation itself usually lasts between 2 1/2 and 3 hours, during which a behaviour mofication plan is drawn up and demonstrated. Payment for the entire process is made to me at the end of this session (see below). If you have pet insurance, you may be able to claim at least part of the cost back - if you wish to - and a receipt is provided if required.

4. Within 7 days of the consultation date, you will be sent a detailed written report (usually by email, but by post if this is not convenient).

5. Follow-up if needed is then normally provided by phone or email free of charge for up to six months. If a second session is requested (which is very unusual), then this is charged separately.

For more details on this process and a checklist of what needs to be done and when please see Consultation Guidelines.

To check whether your postcode is covered for a home visit, please see the callout charge chart.


This entire process is charged with a single, flat fee (see below), plus a callout charge, for home visits which is calculated by postcode (see downloads).

Most behavioural problems including all types of aggression, predatory behaviour, fearful or anxious behaviour around people, situations or animals:

Single-dog household £160

Two-dog household (only one dog with behavioural problems) £170

Three or more dog household (only one dog with behavioural problems) £180

Two or more dog houshold (more than one dog with behavioural problems) £200

Follow-up by phone or email: free of charge

I accept cash and cheques (Made payable to Helen Taylor Dog Training and Behaviour).

Useful downloads:

Referral forms

This form needs to be signed by both the owner and their vet before the consultation can take place. Alternatively, the referring vet can refer by sending medical records to enquiries@helentaylordorset.co.uk.

Download referral form as PDF

Download referral form as Word Form version (only for completion within Microsoft Word)

Download referral form as Word document

Consultation guidelines and callout charges information

This document contains important information on the consultation process (based on a home visit - if you are having a clinic appointment you will be sent a different version of this document).

Download Consultation Guidelines as PDF

Download callout charges for home visits (by postcode) as PDF


This needs to be completed and returned to me before the appointment can be made.

NB PLEASE CHOOSE "SAVE", "DOWNLOAD" OR "SAVE AS" (NOT "OPEN") WHEN CLICKING THESE LINKS. Before you start to complete the form, check that the entire document has downloaded - the last question should read "What is the single most important thing that you would like to change about your dog's behaviour?"

Download as Microsoft Word 'Form' version (only for completion within Microsoft Word). This is the preferred option as it is easy to complete and easy to read. Can be returned by email (preferred) or printed and returned by post.

Download as simple Rich Text File (This has no complex formatting and therefore is suitable for most word processing programmes, use on tablets etc). Can be returned by email (preferred) or printed out, filled in by hand and returned by post (or scanned and returned by email).


All training is force-free, entirely reward-based and no harsh techniques are ever used. Your dog will never be frightened or intimidated, hurt or made anxious.

Helen also offers new puppy "start right" sessions to help owners of new puppies to avoid problems later in life by ensuring the right start for their new pup.Training sessions can be arranged by a simple telephone call and appointment and do not require any involvement of your vet. For information on these, please see Puppy start-right sessions.

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